Press for Rsquared Communication

2016 SABRE Awards North America Winners

Rsquared Communication won a Gold Sabre for best Technology: Software and Services campaign, "From Launch to Company of the Year - Slack's PR Story."

2016 North America New PR Agencies of the Year

While most agencies are rapidly adding services, Reeve prefers to do one thing very well. In this case, that's 'high-touch' work primarily on influencer and media outreach

7 Ways to Use Slack With Customers, Contractors, and Vendors

Are you using Slack to the best of your ability? For example, have you thought about opening up your account to clients and vendors?

Rebecca Reeve, founder and principal of tech PR firm Rsquared Communication has done it with clients including Slack, Trello, Digit, Eventbase and Zendrive. In fact, her firm was the first agency to beta test Slack prior to public launch. Here's how she says you can use Slack with your outside partners, as well.

Snapchat, Rdio, and other unlikely workplace engagement-boosting tools

Contributed article by Rebecca Reeve.

When colleagues can't talk over lunch or run into each other in the hallway, how can they develop that personal chemistry that’s required to foster strong working relationships?

Five people you should meet at GROW

Rebecca and her team have carved a niche as go-to PR firm in Silicon Valley for Canadian startups.

7 Ways Independent Contractors Can Scale to Serve Rapid-Growth Clients

Contributed article by Rebecca Reeve

To stay relevant as your clients grow you need to figure out how to stay on the rocket ship by developing your skills, finding niches within the client’s organization, and doing what you can to keep your accomplishments front and center.

Learning to Scale as Your Clients Grow

Contributed article by Rebecca Reeve

While hitching a ride on a rocket ship can be a great opportunity to grow your own business, I’ve learned first-hand that you need to make sure your services stay relevant as your client’s needs evolve.

How to hire the right PR pro

Contributed article by Rebecca Reeve

You may have hired the best PR agency in the world, but that investment could be worthless if you don’t know how to work with them.

Hacking the PR machine

Contributed article by Rebecca Reeve

Done right, public relations can get you rolling down the path of user acquisition, industry validation, funding, and more. Here are seven steps to PR success.

Enhance your productivity via the web

Who better to ask about productivity concerns than someone who owns a business? Here are expert recommendations from Rebecca Reeve, the founder of Rsquared Communication, a boutique tech PR agency based in San Francisco.